The Eken Ruddhaswas Rajasthan (2023) Bengali

The Eken Ruddhaswas Rajasthan (2023)
 IMDB Rating:

7.4/10 from 106 votes IMDb


2023 Movies


Adventure Drama

 Directed by:

Joydeep Mukherjee

 Starring by:

Anirban Chakrabarti Somak Ghosh Suhotra Mukhopadhyay



 Story Plot: While Ekendra Sen was enjoying his vacation in colourful Rajasthan with Bapi and Pramatha, suddenly a professor of archaeology at Oxford University, Shatadru Ghosh, informs Eken about his suspicion on a particular idol he had seen in London went missing. Eken begins his investigation with his two confidantes, where all the mystery facts will baffle him while constantly challenging his intelligence and observation skills. What happens when the situation gets out of hand after finding fake artefacts at the Jaisalmer Museum?
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